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C.W.B. Level III; C.G.S.B. Level II Certifications.
QHSE, Supplier Quality Surveillance, Visual Inspections and ISO Audits.

N.A.C.E. Level I; C.G.S.B. Level II Certifications. Occupational Health & Safety certified


Certified Engineering Technologist of Nova Scotia, 2006. Number 3780;

Certificate of Successful Completion  
I have completed an associated certification in Metallurgy from The Society of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologist of Nova Scotia
This is recognized through-out Canada.
My final paper was on Stress Corrosion Cracking in welded steel
September 2003 to November 2006

NACE Certified coating and painting inspector, December 2016, certification number 70030;

Certificate of Successful Completion  
I have two year accumulated experience in the blasting and painting experience
This is recognized through-out World.
December 2016

Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, University of New Brunswick. University of New Brunswick, December 11, 2014 certification number 3525431;

Certificate of Successful Completion  
I have two year accumulated experience in the blasting and painting experience
This is recognized through-out World.
December 2016

ISO 9001 2000 Lead Auditor Training  

Certificate of Successful Completion  
I have completed an intense training
course including both a written examination
and continuous evaluation in the auditing of quality
management system ISO 9000 requirements.
Auditor / Lead Auditor Training
Conducted by Deloitte & Touche, QRI.
November 24-28, 2003
Conducted by Eagle Group USA, Inc.
This course is accredited by the RAB
for Training of Quality Systems Auditors.
4.0 CEU's.
Certificate Number: 03-1282. 
Canadian Welding Bureau: 
Toronto; Ontario Ph: (905) 542-1312. 
C.S.A. W178.2, 2006. Level III   Inspector. 
Registration No. 720. 
CSA W47.1 Code, Fusion Welding. Level III  
CSA W59 Code, Welded Structures. Level III  
CSA Z662 Code, Oil and Gas Pipelines. Level III  
CSA B31.3 Code, Process Piping. Level III  
ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. 
Sections VIII-1 & IX Level III   .

T.W.I. Certification Ltd. 
International Welding Inspector 
Date: February 2004 Diploma No. IWI-B/GB/01712 
Abington Hall, Abington Cambridge CB1 6Al United Kingdom;
Ph: +44 (0) 1223-891162 

CSWIP 3.1 - Welding Inspector.  

Canadian General Standards Board: 
Registration No. 5652 
555 Booth St, Ottawa; Canada  
Ph: (613) 992-0155 

48-GP-7M Level II   Ultrasonics. 
48-GP-8M Level II   Magnetic Particle. 
48-GP-9M Level II   Liquid Penetrant. 
48-GP-4M Level I   Radiography. 
Qualified Operator's Cert.
Registration No. 1872

Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association: (NSCSA)  

Program Training: 
Principles of Loss Control
Leadership for Safety Excellence
Principles of Loss Control Audit
Practical Loss Control Leadership (DNV)

Occupational Health & Safety Training: 
Safety Audit Management System (SAMS)
Construction Oriented Emergency First Aid
WHMIS - Generic and Supervisor
Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Traffic Control Person
Temporary Workplace Signing
Accident/Incident Investigation
Health & Safety Committee Representative
Leadership for Safety Excellence
Construction Safety Supervisor

Welding Institute of Canada:
391 Burnhanthorpe Rd, Oakville; Ontario Ph: (904) 257-9881. 
Special Program for Welding Inspectors Levels I, II, III. 
Registration No. 3959.

British Columbia Institute  of Technology: 
3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby; British Columbia Ph: (604) 434-5734. 
48-GP-9M Level II   ; NDT Liquid Penetrant.
48-GP-8M Level II   NDT Magnetic Particle.
48-GP-4M Level I   NDT Radiography.
48-GP-7M Level II   NDT Ultrasonics.

George Brown College: 
Kensington Market, Toronto; Ontario
Ph:(416) 867-2000
Fab. and Fitters Program 1976-1977.
"T"- class welding ticket.

Northern College of Applied Arts 
and Technology: 
100 Government St, Kirkland Lake; Ont.
Ph: (705) 567-9291 
Welding Engineering Tech. 1979-1982

Nova Scotia Institute of Technology: 
1244 Leeds St, Halifax; Nova Scotia
Ph:(902) 424-7529. 
Welding Engineering Technician Course. 1985-1986. 

Employment History

Rebuilding of Iraq by K.B.R. for the U.S. Government.
QA/QC Coordinator for The Rebuilding of IRAQ. I implemented the quality assurance and quality control procedures for Kellogg Brown and Root in support of the U.S. Military. I worked in Baghdad, Al Hilla, Basra and Kuwait.
Ph: 1 703 526 7567

Great Man Made River Project.
Assistant QA/QC Manager for the Hand-Over of the largest construction project in the world. I made procedures for quality assurance and quality control of the plant. I made Health and Safety a major concern for the welfare of new employees since the Sarir Project is in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
Ph: 011 218 61 222 5242

Qatar General Petroleum Corporation.
Senior Quality Assurance Auditing. Risk Management Team. Loss Prevention Supervisor. Senior Welding Inspector. Oil and Gas Plants NGL 1, 2 and 3 Tank Farm, Terminal and Jetty
Ph: 011 974 468-6775
Mobile: 011 974 553-2463

P.D.I. Contracting 2695 216th. Street, Langley; B.C. 
Ph:(604) 534-5139 
Cel:(604) 377-3615 

B.C. Ferry Corporation 1112 Fort Street, Victoria; B.C. 
Ph: (250) 381-1401 

C-1 Contractors Ltd. 6800 Oldfield Road, Saanichton; B.C. 
Ph: (250) 652-1666 

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 1301-16 Ave. Calgary; AB. 
Ph: (403) 284-8641 

Brown & Root P.O. Box 5588
Edmonton; Alberta. 
Ph: (708) 468-1341 

Projects Inspected By Mintus  Inspections Inc.

Victoria; B.C. Police
Emergency Control Centre.
Date Completed: 06/1996 
Project Size: $12 million 
Contact: Knappet Construction Ltd. 
c/o Mr. Steve Heyr (superintendent) 
Ph: (250) 475-6333 

Victoria; B.C. Public Water Works
3.5 Km. 5 Ft. Dia. Steel Water Line. 
Date Completed: 08/1996 
Project Size: $4.5 million 
Contact: G.V.W.W. District. 
c/o Mr. Peter Malone Senior Engineer
Ph: (250) 474-9611 
c/o Mr. Mike Brady Project Engineer
Ph: (250) 474-9642 
Ph: (604) 684-3282 

B.C. Ferries New Flotation Vessels. 
Date Completed: 09/1996 
Project Size: $2 million 
Contact: B.C. Ferries Corporation 
c/o Mr. R. Hebden, P.Eng (Director) 
Ph: (250) 744-2100 

Syncrude Expansion Project,18-1 & 27-1 
Date Completed: 08/1997 
Project Size: $75 million 
Contact: Brown and Root Contractors 
c/o Mr. Ian Johnston (President) 
Ph: (708) 468-1343 

Member of the Society of Certified Engineering Technologists
and Technicians of Nova Scotia. Registration Number: 3780  

Vancouver Community College. 
City Center 250 West Pender Street; B.C.
Ph: (604) 443-8544 
Computer Application Support Specialist.

Concordia University. 
2000 de Maisonnuve Montreal; PQ.
Ph: (514) 848-2424 
Mechanical Engineering 1987-1988

Acadia University. 
Wolfville; Nova Scotia
Ph: (902) 542-2201
Mechanical Engineering 1986-1987

Northern College of Applied Arts & Tech.
140 Government Road. East,
Kirkland Lake; Ontario
Ph: (705) 567-0291 
Welding and Mechanical Engineering
Technology 1979-1982 

Saint Mary's University.
1800 Argyle St. Halifax; Nova Scotia 
General Arts & Science 1974-1975 
Ph: (902) 420-5628

Sydney Academy High School. 
1345 Terrace St. Sydney;
Cape Breton Island.
Ph: (902) 562-5464 
Entered university from Grade 11.
Academic Studies 1973-1974 

Technical Skills:
Completed a Computer Application
Support Specialist Program.
Inspection of the B.C. Super-ferry.
Read and draft mechanical drawings.
Well versed in codes and standards.
Perform all types and positions of welding. Familiar with Machining.
Proficient with NDT and DT (testing).
Worked with precision tools.
Formulated quality control procedures and devised welding procedures.
Compilation of a quality control manual for production efficiency.
Factors for different welding
processes and welding materials.
Assemble, operate and trouble-shoot
welding equipment.
Recognize welding faults and know  their origin.

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